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Psycho-Pass RP[Skill Level: Low-Mid]

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Psycho-Pass RP[Skill Level: Low-Mid] Empty Psycho-Pass RP[Skill Level: Low-Mid]

Post by Ten Kodori on Mon Mar 02, 2015 7:06 pm

  The year is 2113, a new system called Sibyl has taken over the country and most of the planet. Sibyl is designed to measure a person's "psycho-pass" a number called crime coefficient along with a color hue determines how likely they are to commit a crime. If your hue clouds up and your psycho-pass exceeds 140, you are labeled a latent criminal and sent to rehabilitation. If it does not clear, you stay there forever, unless...
You are recruited by the MWPSB, an organization that is the law, which would recruit you as an enforcer. Enforcers work under inspectors, which are like detectives. When it comes to really gruesome things, the enforcers are sent in to take care of it and the inspector takes care of the enforcers but does the same job.
They are equipped with guns called Dominators, which measures the psycho-pass and it automatically determines the mode of use from decomposer, paralyzer,  and lethal eliminator.If an inspector's psycho-pass grows too much, they  are demoted to enforcer, unless therapy actually works.

This is vague on purpose, since it allows me to set up more plot and characters along the way. It allows for flexibility.Yes, species other than human are allows, but no holy or unholy beings.

Character sheet:(Label your post)
Name here [Psycho-Pass]

Face Claim:
Inspector, latent criminal or enforcer?:
Normal Psycho-Pass number:(Above 150 is latent criminal/enforcer.)
Theme song(optional):

Watch the anime to get a better idea of the rp.
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