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Viktor's test results.

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Viktor's test results. Empty Viktor's test results.

Post by b2brawler12 on Sat Mar 07, 2015 4:15 am

Tester Deck: Yosenju

Testee Deck: shadoll-lightsworn-sylvan

Results of Match (Tester:Testee): 0:2 = 0/30

Deck Size: 46-60=0/5

Cards in Deck: 3/10 the Shaddolls and the lightsworns will work together like they would normally however with the ammount of them and the addition of sylvans youre looking for an inconsistant game

Quickness of Deck: 3/10 very slow only due to the fact that the combinations require luck to get off.

Deck Consistency: 0/10 it does have a lot of draw power however the lack of a main goal is whats putting your deck off track you its very inconsistant to a point that you need pure luck to get your draw power.

Skill with Deck: 4/10 from what i could tell what you were doing with the deck you know it decently enough however you just need to focus on one idea to avoid play confusion.

Knowledge of Rulings: 10/10 from what all was played you knew what was going on, nothing needed to be explained to any extent.

Siding: 0/5 no siding was actually done and as for the side deck itself it needs some work not only is it out of date but the cards that you have in the side will rarely help you for any situation.

Originality: 5/5 it certainly gains originality factor however how original it is doesnt outweigh the fact that you should focus on one main idea.

Attitude: 5/5 great all game fun to duel against ten outa ten would duel again xP


0-60: Beta Yellow <~~30
61-95: Omega Blue
96-100: Alpha Red

Wulfen Silver is obtained through tournament wins. It will also include a glow.

Welcome to beta yellow mate, sorry the game didnt go your way but dont be discouraged just focus on fine tuning your deck and you'll be fine Very Happy


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