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Timeless (sin)'s test results

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Timeless (sin)'s test results Empty Timeless (sin)'s test results

Post by b2brawler12 on Sun Mar 08, 2015 7:19 pm

Tester Deck: tellars

Testee Deck: volcanics

Results of Match (Tester:Testee): 1:2=20/30

Deck Size: 40-42=5/5

Cards in Deck: 9/10 the deck has all it needs the cards all work together in one way or another but youre slightly lacking on volcanics to use as fodder.

Quickness of Deck: 10/10 volcs are always fast, having so much draw power its hard not to be.

Deck Consistency: 10/10 draw power ftw

Skill with Deck: 10/10 was able to stop everything i did, other than when you had dead a dead hand g2

Knowledge of Rulings: 10/10 for what all was played you knew the rulings

Siding: 4/5 decent siding however the hands wouldnt have been entirely all that useful on my deck.

Originality: 1/5 having traptrix is new to me but volcs arent that original anymore xP

Attitude: 5/5 good all game + afterwards


0-60: Beta Yellow
61-95: Omega Blue <~~84
96-100: Alpha Red

Wulfen Silver is obtained through tournament wins. It will also include a glow.

GG mate dead hands ruin games :v though i hate playing against volcs all together gg. Welcome to Omega Blue


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