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Roleplaying Rules Empty Roleplaying Rules

Post by Ten Kodori on Fri Mar 06, 2015 1:01 pm

These are the rules you must follow and agree to before you can begin to roleplay. Breaking the rules is subject to punishment.Rules may change without notice so please read the rules periodically.

  • If you wish to begin a roleplay, please have a solid and well thought out idea and hand it to an admin. That person will decide to allow you or not. Have a set of guidelines ready as well.

(Don't get mad Necruta but the way you stated these rules are better than what I would have said.)

  • There are also Levels in RPing which will be listed at the RPs, each level as a higher standard in terms of posts.
    Those levels and rules are as followed:

    RP level
    Low: Small RPs,  

    1 liners allowed
    less emotional more action
    OP characters can be made from the start
    DMs actions can be discussed
    Non-lethal auto hits are allowed(during storytelling only, not combat)

    Middle:1 Huge RP

    1 Liners only allowed in dialogue if the person who owns that character can't make the dialogue in a pad
    Powers are able to be obtained from the start through a propper BackStory.
    No auto hits/godmod

    High: 1 Huge RP

    No one liners
    No Godmodding Autohitting or metagaming  
    Powers need to be aquired in the RP  
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